If you are new to pool ownership this article is a must read for you!

I will go over the parts and what they are called so you have a better understanding of your new pool and how it works.

And as always if you have any questions you can text the WaterCare Concierge at 918.932.2943

Pool Parts

Wall- The pool wall is the exterior portion of the pool.  This is usually made of steel or aluminum.

Top Rail- The top rail is the top part of the pool that goes around the perimeter.  This is usually made of steel or resin.

Upright- The uprights are what hold the top rail in place on an above ground pool.  This is usually made of steel, aluminum, or resin.

Skimmer- The skimmer is the rectangular opening where the water goes to enter the filtration system.

Skimmer Weir Door- The skimmer weir door helps to skim debris off the top of the water.

Skimmer Basket- The skimmer basket catches debris like leaves and bugs so they don’t go into the filtration system.

Return Jet- The return jet is where the clean water returns to the pool from the filtration system.  Adjust your return jet so it points down and away from the skimmer opening at a 45 degree angle to help move the water around the pool and pick up any debris that may be at the bottom

Pump- The pump is what circulates your water.  It pulls the water from the pool through the skimmer and then pushes it into the filter and finally through the return jet back into the pool.

Pump Trap and basket-  On the front of the pump is the pump trap body.  Inside the pump trap is a filter basket.  The pump trap has a clear lid and lock ring around it.  This pump trap and basket catches debris that did not get caught in the skimmer basket. 

Filter-  There are two types of filters: Sand and Cartridge

Sand Filter- The sand filter is the part that holds the sand.  At the top of a sand filter is a multiport valve and inside the sand filter are lateral lines.  The sand itself is what is filtering the debris out of the water.

Multiport Valve- The multiport valve is only found on sand filters.  The multiport valve is what lets you control the filter.  There are options on top such as filter, bypass, backwash, rinse, winterize, and waste.  Make sure you turn your pump off before changing the handle position on the multiport valve.  Also make sure you always turn the multiport valve handle in a clockwise direction (never go counter-clockwise).

Lateral Lines- Lateral lines are what the water goes through to get back into the pool after it has been cleaned.  If you ever have a lot of sand blowing back into your pool from your return jet it is probably because a lateral line was damaged. 

Cartridge filter-  A cartridge filter uses a cartridge to clean the water in a pool. 

Cartridge filter housing- The housing is the exterior part of the cartridge filter.  On the housing you will see an air pressure release valve, pressure guage, and lock ring.

Air Pressure release valve- This valve allows the air to be released from the filter housing.

Lock Ring-  The lock ring holds the filter housing together.  When you need to clean your cartridge filter the lock ring needs to be unscrewed and lifted off the filter housing in order to take the top of the housing off and expose the cartridge.

Pressure Gauge- Both sand and cartridge filters have pressure gauges.  You want to check for your baseline pressure at install and clean your sand or cartridge when the pressure increases by 8-10 PSI. 

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