video hot tub spring cleaning tips

Helpful Hints & Tips for Hot Tub Owners

    • Lotions, makeup, hair products, and detergents can cause foaming.  To prevent this you can rinse off before getting in your spa.  Also, it is recommended you have a specific bathing suit that is for spa use only that you rinse instead of putting through the wash to cut down on detergent.  (Foam Down is also available to get rid of foaming)
    • If your water is ever cloudy make sure it is balanced first and then you can add shock.  If that doesn’t fix it then you can add Jacuzzi Natural Water Clarifier to help the filter catch the small particles.
    • Run your hot tub all year.  There is no need to winterize your hot tub or to shut it down for the summer.  Keeping your spa running all year will keep the water and lines clean as well as keep all the parts in working order.
    • Keep your spa at the same temperature.  Spas are well insulated, so keeping it at a set temperature for that season will make less work on the heaters and lower energy costs.
    • Check your water level periodically.  You can top off the water by putting a hose directly into your spa.  The water needs to always be higher than the filter so that it doesn’t pull air into the filter and lines.
    • Store chemicals in a dry place. Ideally 55 to 70 degrees

In need of more assistance? Bring a water sample to any one of our 5 locations for a free water test. Our chemical specialists will be happy to help you achieve crystal clear water. Shop our Hot Tub Chemicals Here