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Vogue Synergy Round Above Ground Pool 33'

Vogue G5 - 100% Resin Structure

Swim in Perfect Harmony With the Synergy 33ft Round Above Ground Swimming Pool!

Product Description

Synergy 33′ Round Above Ground Pool Product Description

Swim in perfect harmony with the Synergy 33ft round above ground swimming pool! This modern design combines durability and style to provide you a sleek, stylish experience. The latest injection molding technology makes this product ultra-durable for years of use. With a solid color throughout, the resin components of this pool will never fade. In addition to being sturdy and strong with an aluminum panel for its skimmer section that works well in compatibility with virtually all chemical systems.

33′ Synergy Round Above Ground Pool Features & Specs

  • 54” Height
  • 10” Resin Top Rails
  • 100% Resin Structure
  • Aluminum Wall
  • Resin Bottom Rail
  • Resin Stabilizer
  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Bury Up to 18”
  • Platinum Lifetime Warranty

Galaxy Price $15,599

Retail: $26,519

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  • Check for overhead power lines at the pool site. 
  • Verify if there are any underground utilities at the pool site. 
  • Look for trees or stumps within 10′ of the pool site. 
  • Check for septic/aerobic system within 10′ of the pool site.
  • Check if the installer will have less than 6’1″ access to the pool site. 
  • Verify if the yard slopes more than 4′. 

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, you may have to move your pool location or fix the issue prior to installation.

Included with installation:

  • Delivery to your home and assembly 
  • Pool, skimmer, pump (without electric hook up), and filter installation and 6″ of ground leveling. 
  • Paver blocks provided for the foundation of equipment. 
  • Installation includes travel up to 30 miles from any showroom. Each mile outside that (up to 120) miles will be charged $3/mi one-way. 

Not included with installation: 

  • Any electrical work. 
  • Backfilling to protect sand wash out. 
  • Rock, excess dirt, and sand removal. 
  • Permits and Survey Fees 
  • Gas Line Plumbing. 
  • Landscaping. 
  • Water. 
  • Trash Haul-off. 
  • Assembly of Ladder & Accessories. 
  • Removal or installation of fence panels, posts, or temporary fence barriers. 

Synergy Round Above Ground Pool 33' Videos

G-Pool System

The G systems breaks down pool type by material

Synergy Swimming Pool Walls

Synergy Above Ground Swimming Pool Wall is a G5 pool system with Aluminum wall including service panel, injection molded resin top rail, and all resin components.

Synergy Round Above Ground Pool 33' Specs

Bottom Rail: Resin
Salt Water Compatible: Yes
Stabilizer: Resin
Braceless Oval System: No
Structure: Resin
Top Rails: Resin
Uprights: Resin
Walls: Aluminum
Wall Type: G5 - 100% Resin Structure
Shape: Round
Diameter: 30'
Depth: 54"
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