SunSalt Pool Chemical Bundle

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Galaxy’s SunSalt pool chemical bundle takes the guess work out of caring for your pool this season! This chemical bundle will be shipped directly to your door with FREE shipping! To sweeten the deal even more we are taking 15% off our regular prices. Galaxy wants to make clean, blue pool water achievable for all!

  • Stabilizer Increases Cyanuric Acid Level
  • Six months’ worth of algaecide for easy maintenance
  • Check Salt Levels with Salt Test Strips
  • This bundle will provide most pool owners a season’s worth of chemicals!

Additional Information

What's Included

The Extended Release NST Chemical Bundle includes:

  • 1qt Algaecide 60 x 1
  • *32oz Turbo Blue Clarifier x 1
  • 4lb Pool Stabilizer/Conditioner x 1
  • Salt Test Strips x 1

*Due to nationwide chemical shortages, this bundle is currently offered without the Turbo Blue Clarifier. Pricing on this package has been discounted to reflect this change.

Directions of Use

1) Test and balance water, according to these optimal results:

  • PH: 7.2-7.6
  • Alkalinity:  80-120 ppm
  • Hardness:  200-400 ppm

2) Adding Stabilizer: To increase the cyanuric acid level to between 20-50 PPM, add 2lbs per 10,000 gallons directly to the skimmer with the pump on high. The pump will need to run continuously on high for the first 72 hours. Do not clean your filter during this 72 hour period.

3) Adding Algaecide: When opening your pool for the season, add 16oz of Algaecide 60 per 10,000 gallons and an additional 16oz per 10,000 gallons every week. Add  directly in front of the return jet with your pool pump on high.

4) Adding Clarifier: When opening your pool for the season, add 4oz of Turbo Blue Clarifer per 10,000 gallons and an additional 1oz of water polish per 10,000 gallons per week.

Remember to test and balance your pool water weekly. Visit one of our showrooms to get a free water-test and consultation.


Will this pool chemical system work with my current chemical program?

  • This pool chemical bundle can be used  in conjunction with a saltwater chlorinating system, such as the SunSalt salt water system, it reduces the amount of each chemical needed.

Will this be enough chemicals for a 30ft pool?

  • This pool chemical bundle is based on 10,000 gallons of water for 20 weeks. Depending on pool size, length of swim season, and weather conditions additional chemicals may need to be purchased later in the season.

Guides & Documents

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