Retreat Massage Chair

Galaxy: $3,199.00 MSRP: $5,438.00


Imagine being able to melt away the day’s stress with a luxurious massage that’s given in your own home, anytime you want.

Renew Collection’s Retreat massage chair is your personal masseuse – providing customized massages just for you. Relaxation that’s at your beck and call.

Select your massage experience with the chair’s Video Display remote. You can choose the intensity of your full body massage or target specific muscle groups.

From the moment that you sit down, your Retreat chair recognizes your body size for precise targeting of just the right pressure points, ensuring that no muscle gets untouched.

Retreat’s Foot Therapy Technology puts your entire body at ease as the roller massage soothes your heels, toes and arches of your feet. And, the chair’s Leg Compression perfectly kneads sore and tired calves.

Your glutes, thighs and waist are softened and relaxed by Retreat’s Hip Therapy. A compression massage delivers just the right pressure to soothe these core muscles.

Instant relief is provided to your back with Retreat’s five different massage techniques, expertly tending to nearly any type of back pain. Indirect heat waves are sent to sore muscles and joints.

Spinal pressure dissolves as your muscles experience a gentle lengthening sensation and as the Zero-G Technology disperses weight throughout your spine for a nearly weightless experience.

Your arms and hands are included in the massage experience as a fluid motion massage improves blood circulation and relieves pain from problems like carpel tunnel and arthritis.

Retreat’s Wallhugger allows the chair to fit in nearly every home by sliding forward before reclining, requiring only a few inches of clearance from any wall!

Treat yourself to the massage experiences that you deserve.

Destress. Unwind. Live happily.

Make your home a Retreat home.

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