J-16 PowerPro Swim Spa

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Wide stream PowerPro® jets produce an adjustable current for every swim level. Core resistance provides powerful in-place swimming and high exertion level aquatic exercises. The J-16 PowerPro boasts 4 Hydromassage seats to relax with friends and family. Make the most of your workout with Jacuzzi’s exclusive WaterWatch™ accessory as it tracks and analyzes your performance.

  • Adjustable PowerPro™ DX swim blades provide the best swim experience for every level, from beginners to triathletes.
  • SteadySwim™ buoyancy jet keeps swimmers aligned by elevating you into the proper body position
  • A unique SmoothSwim™ shell design incorporates hips in the shell to stop reflective waves and keep you in your swim lane.
  • Multi-color LED lighting, illuminated waterfall, exterior running lights
  • ProFusion™ shell, foam insulation, smart seal technology, galvanized steel frame, and a pro-polymer base makes these all-seasons swim spas energy efficient.
  • Streamlined topside control
  • An exclusive swim selector control near the swim blades let you adjust your experience at the touch of a button, from swim current speed to preprogrammed workout mode.
  • ProLast™ Covers are 25% lighter for easier handling, UV-resistant, and increase energy efficiency and maintain cleaner water longer.
Product Highlights
  • Seating: 4
  • Weight: 2,560 lbs | 19,394 lbs (filled)
  • Dimensions: 186 in x 93 in x 53 in
  • Swim Selector Current Control
  • Wide Sheet Waterfall
  • Rollaway Cover

J-16 PowerPro Swim Spa

The PowerPro™ Collection of Swim Spas by Jacuzzi provide the best high-performance swim experience, combining the best aquatic technology with the therapeutic power of Jacuzzi®
PowerPro™ jets. From Competitive Swimmers to Family Gatherings, the PowerPro™ strikes the right balance of relaxation and family fun in an all season pool.

Additional Information

What's Included

  • Jacuzzi J-16 Power Play
  • Rollaway Cover ($5279 Value)


Weight (Filled) 19394 lbs / 8800 kg
Weight (Dry) 2560 lbs / 1162 kg
Shell Length 186"
Shell Width 93"
Shell Height 53"
Volume 2010 US Gal / 7638 L
Seating Capacity 4 seats