J-16 PowerActive™ Swim Spa

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PowerPro® AX jet swim current and SteadySwim™ buoyancy jet allows for in-place swimming and resistance exercise Low-impact jogging and walking alternative to dry-land activity on Soft Stride mat 4 Hydromassage seats Exclusive WaterWatch™ fitness tracking tool captures and analyzes performance Available in J-16™ and J-19™ models

J-16 PowerActive™ Swim Spa

A unique SmoothSwim™ shell design incorporates hips in the shell to stop reflective waves and keep you in your swim lane. Premium LED lighting, an illuminated waterfall, exterior running lights, and an illuminated status indicator light adds elegance and ambiance.


Weight (Filled) 19394 lbs / 8800 kg
Weight (Dry) 2560 lbs / 1162 kg
Shell Length 186"
Shell Width 93"
Shell Height 53"
Volume 2010 US Gal / 7638 L
Seating Capacity 4-5 seats