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AquaCal® Eco-Therm ET110 Pool Heat Pump


Product Description

Eco-Therm ET110 Pool Heat Pump

MAXIMIZE THE ENJOYMENT OF YOUR SWIMMING POOL INVESTMENT by heating your pool with an Eco Therm ET110 Heat Pump. Free heat is taken from outside air and transferred to the pool water. A heat pump doesn’t burn energy to create heat. It only uses a small amount of energy to transfer FREE heat from the air to the pool.

  • Heat your pool for about 25% of the cost of heating it with gas
  • Heat Pumps have virtually no effect on your carbon footprint
  • No other heat pump in its class is more quiet​
  • Corrosion Proof Cabinet
  • Impact Resistant
  • Built-in drain pan for condensation
  • Easy to read Digital Display
  • On-board self diagnostics
  • Microprocessor controlled defrost cycle

Galaxy Price $4,299

Retail: $7,309

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