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Brunswick® Defender Foosball Table

Brunswick® 1 Man Goalie

The Defender Foosball Table is the perfect table to bring a level of class to an old favorite. Perfect for any Game Room or Man Cave

Product Description

Defender is a unique blend of organic polymers designed to prevent scale formation, aid in the removal of existing scale and to help prevent precipitation of dissolved solids in spas or hot tubs.

Useful Tips

  • Use weekly for continued protection from scale
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers

​​Available Size: 1 quart

Price: $2,299

MSRP: $3,909

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Additional Information

  • Steel seamless high strength hollow rods
  • Double sided HPL MDF play field
  • White HPL lined play area
  • MDF with white HPL cabinet exterior and black steel pedestal structure

56.7″ x 50.3″ x 35.5″


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