Buckingham 27 Above Ground Pool

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The Buckingham has style for all seasons! This salt-water compatible pool has rust-resistant aluminum walls and components. It’s resin-molded top rails and components are safer to touch in the hot sun than a steel top rail and provide flexible stability to the pool. You’ll be resting easy by the pool for years to come with this impressive hybrid above ground pool!


  • 54” Height
  • 8” Resin Top Rails
  • 7″ Resin Uprights
  • Aluminum Wall
  • Resin Bottom Rail
  • 100% Resin Structure
  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Bury Up to 18”
  • Gold Lifetime Warranty

Additional Information

What's Included

What’s Included?

  • 27′ x 54″ Round Vogue Buckingham Pool
  • FREE upgrade to Silver Pool Package
  • FREE upgrade American-made, Virgin-Grade liner
  • FREE upgrade to resin bottom rail track
  • FREE upgrade to Wide Mouth Skimmer & Return Jet


Gallons: 16,000

Pool Type:

G5- Aluminum wall including service panel, injection molded resin top rail, and all resin components.

G Pool System


Fulfillment Method Delivery & InstallationDIY (Delivery Only)