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Megna Andora Overlap Above Ground Pool Liner - 27'

Megna Overlap

Thickest Vinyl Liner on the Market!

Product Description

27ft x 52in. MEGNA POOL Adora liners stand up extremely well to the rigors of sunlight, moisture and heat. All MEGNA POOL swimming pool liners are made from vinyl purchased from the leading vinyl manufacturers. Quality control testing includes computerized color monitoring, as well as testing for dimensional stability and compliance with thickness specifications. MEGNA POOLS takes this quality vinyl and custom fabricates each pool liner to your specifications using computer designed patterns, skilled craftsmen and constant quality control.

  • Thickest Vinyl Liner available
  • State of the art seam process
  • High resistance to breaking, tearing and puncturing.
  • Excellent resistance to cracking at low temperatures (-20°F or lower).
  • Resistance to degradation from UV radiation.
  • Base films are resistant to chlorine bleaching, printed liners use custom formulated bleach resistant inks.
  • Fungicide is added to the vinyl to provide a backup to regular chlorination and algaecide treatment.
  • A special clear top coat applied over print patterns to maximize protection of the print against abrasion and reduce the adhesion of soil to the liner.

Please specify self-install or professional install in online order notes.

Galaxy Price $799

Retail: $1,358.30

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