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We are currently unable to fulfill Pool Table Move requests.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Pool Table Moving

Moving your 3 piece slate pool table with Galaxy Home Recreation includes proper tear down, transportation and professional pool table setup with expert leveling, recovering with the existing material is possible if it is in good condition. Although, the best time to refelt with new cloth is when the pool table is in pieces.

We have been taking care of professional pool table moves since 1975. Our team of trained pool table movers has plenty of experience in all types of pool table moves. We handle each move from start to finish and we make sure your table is in the best playing condition it can be when we finish.

We can also recover your pool table as well with new material if you desire for an additional cost. Guaranteed satisfaction and leveling on applicable pool tables. Complete pool table moves from one house to another and we service local businesses also.

Description of Services

KNOCKDOWN ONLY–Disassemble pool table and leave in your current home. ($190.00) 

KNOCKDOWN MOVE & SETUP–Disassemble pool table in current home, transport to new location and reassemble. ($350.00)

KNOCKDOWN MOVE NO SETUP–Disassemble pool table in current home and transport to new location only. ($275.00)

PICKUP MOVE SETUP–Transport disassembled pool table from storage and reassemble table in your home. ($325.00)

SETUP ONLY–Initial setup or reassembly of billiard table in your home. ($275.00)

KNOCKDOWN MOVE SETUP SAME HOUSE: Disassembled table, move to a new spot at same location and setup. ($225.00)

RECOVER– Remove existing cloth, and replace with new bed cloth and rail cloth. Please note we are unable to recover tables with cloth that is not purchased through us. ($225.00) + cloth option) please see next column)

Please note this is a price range. Prices are based on table model and location distance. Prices are currently ranged for a 30 mile area radius of nearest showroom.

CLOTH: We carry two kinds of cloth Mali Championship 20oz & Simonis 760 HR. Mali is a wool/nylon blend perfect for home play. and backed with teflon couting against drink spills and back with high resistance coathing against drink spills. Simonis is a 100% worsted wool which will give a much faster play, this cloth is typically used in tournaments.

7′ Cloth -$140.00 (Mali) $375.00 (Simonis)

8′ Cloth – $150.00 (Mali) $375.00 (Simonis)

Pro 8′ Cloth – $170.00 (Mali) $ 395.00 (Simonis)

STRIP & RECOVER: Strip existing cloth off rails and recover with new cloth. (Rails must be brought to our store for this service-2-3 day lead time) ($100.00)

CUSHION REPAIR: Remove existing cushion and replace with new k-66 gum rubber cushions. This service is done at our store not on site, cushions are set with wood glue, set at the proper angle and then are left to set/cure. Please note rail cloth will have to be replaced at the time of cushion repair. ($325.00 for cushions/labor, strip and recover rails $100.00, new rail cloth $30.00)​

Table brands we Service

A.E. Schmidt, Olhausen, Legacy, AMF (after 1970s), Cl Bailey, Golden West, Brunswick, Vitale, Imperial & American Heritage.

Tables we do not Service

Galaxy Home Recreation will not service 1 -piece slate tables, tables 9′ or over in size or slate thicker than 1-1/16″ or antique pool tables

We also do not service ball return or partical board bed tables.

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