Grecian In-Ground Pool

This Midtown Tulsa couple was searching for a pool that would be great for entertaining and went with the classic Grecian style. They wanted a pool that was striking, spacious and perfect for entertaining their many friends and family. With this install, we were lucky enough to get pictures every step of the way. This pool is 54” tall and has galvanized steel panel walls (built like a tank) with rust proof zinc coating, 6’ walk in step and grey marble liner.

In Ground Pool

The pool is starting to take shape.

Grecian In-Ground Pool

The layout is complete.

Grecian In-Ground Pool

Laying the concrete decking! The customer had a clear vision for the shape, size and layout of the decking. There is a ton of extra space for entertaining!


Now it’s time to add water! After the pool is filled up, the landscaping will begin. The young, stylish couple has big plans for the landscaping and purchased a hot tub.

This In-Ground Pool is not only stunning, it’s more than half the price of a concrete pool of the same size! Our In-Ground Pools are made using only the highest grade galvanized steel with an impressive, rust preventing, G235 Zinc coating. When coated with resin or other protective coatings, is also quite resistant to corrosion.

We’ve heard wonderful feedback from this customer and look forward to installing more beautiful In-Ground Pools across Oklahoma.

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