Dual Temp Swim Spas allow you to swim and exercise in a custom temperature and sit back and relax in another temperature. It’s never been easier to maintain different zones!

We have swim-spas that are designed for swim, exercise, fun, therapy or all of the above! Some include benches for more entertainment while others have more footwell space for exercise and stationary running / walking. We also have models with hot tub therapy seats built-in so it can be used for swim, exercise and therapy. Whether you are searching for a convenient way to get in shape, a space to relax or an enjoyable option when you entertain your guests, you will find it all with a Swim Spa at Galaxy Home Recreation!Catalina Spas is the leading spa manufacturer in cutting edge technology and quality fitness and exercise equipment giving the consumer state of the art construction and absolute relaxation.

Catalina Spas are carefully constructed to provide years of carefree performance despite frequent, daily use. As a result, we build the best spas and swim spas in the industry with high-quality, efficient heaters, pumps and other components.

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