Do you ever feel like you are just buying the same thing over and over again when it comes to furniture? If so, you’re not alone. It seems like every furniture company is selling pretty much the same products, but there’s one brand that’s different. Palliser is known for its unique designs and high-quality construction. You won’t find anything else like it on the market. So if you’re looking for the best home theater seating, Palliser is definitely worth considering!

Why We Love Palliser

  1. Palliser is just as obsessed with quality as you are. They build every home theater seat to be a handcrafted masterpiece, using the finest materials and most advanced technologically advanced production methods.
  2. Palliser is dedicated to preserving and enhancing natural resources for future generations. Creating a culture that goes beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements, Palliser’s leadership in environmental practices extends throughout the industry as well as into our community.
  3. If you’re like most people, you want to know that your furniture is going to last. That’s why Palliser offers a pro-rated comprehensive warranty on all of their home theater seating for up to 10 years. No matter what happens to your furniture, Palliser along with our in-house parts & warranty team will be there to help.

What Makes Palliser Home Theater Seating the Best?

  1. Palliser’s Home Theater seats can be configured in rows of 2, 3, or more in curved or straight formations to suit your media room and lifestyle. This kind of versatility allows plenty of room so everyone can be seated comfortably without feeling cramped!
  2. Luxurious, pampered comfort with Palliser’s home theater seating is the ultimate in relaxation. Power reclining is offered in 3 different motions to personalize your movie watching experience.
    • Single power theater seating features a motorized headrest recline.
    • Double power motion will support your head in the perfect position while also allowing you to kick your feet up in style.
    • Triple power reclining adds lumbar support along with the motorized foot and headrest recline features.
  3. Your home theater will be the envy of all your friends with these incredible amenities. Cupholders, ambient LED lit base rails, USB charging ports and storage consoles make it easy for you to stay entertained while enjoying a movie night at home. We include attachable trays with every seat so everything you need is within arm’s reach.
  4. With Palliser, you have the power to choose upholstery for your home theater seating from hundreds of leathers and fabrics available in a variety that is sure to match any style or preference. From easy to maintain high-performance fabrics to the most supple of leathers you will be sure to find a cover suited perfectly for those hard-to accommodate needs!

Palliser is a company that has been around for over 70 years and they have never lost sight of their core values. Quality, convenience, comfort are all things you can find in every product from Palliser because those three qualities make up the essence of what makes them the best in home theater seating. They’ve made sure to incorporate everything people want into their products so they don’t have to go anywhere else.