The Heat

The Heat

We're bringing you the heat!

Manufacturer: Zen Awakening

  • Receive the most precise and accurate massage with shoulder scan technology
  • Enjoy flexible arm massage
  • Relax with VFD control panel and memory program
  • Performs 6 different types of massages (kneading, knocking, wave let, rolling, rhythm and vibration)
  • Receive robust massage with 6 massage wheels
  • Unwind with build-in MP3 player
  • Soothe your aches and joints with heat in the back and sole areas
  • Reclines 170 degrees
  • 4 automatic programs (overall, shoulder, back and lower back / waist) and manual programming
  • 5 power-motors and 1 air compression motor
  • Regular household plug-in (110V, 15 amp)
  • Synthetic leather easy to clean and long-lasting
  • CE, ISO9001. ETL and CETL approved
  • Weight: 284 lbs
  • Dimensions: 53”D X 32”W X 49”H
  • Warranty: 5 year-limited warranty


Six-Roller Mechanism with 6 Different Massages
With 6 rollers, you get a much wider massage coverage area and robust massage. And, on top of that, you get six different types of massages: kneading, knocking, kneading + tapping, pressing, rhythm and vibration. The rhythm massage is a unique music synchronizing massage. 
Shoulder Width Detection
The Heat is equipped with shoulder width detection to make sure you get the most precise massage experience automatically. You can also manually adjust the shoulder width setting for your personal preference. 
Flex Arm and Waist Massage
The Heat enables you to receive a full-body massage, including your arms and waist area. It’s especially therapeutic for those with carpel tunnel or arthritis. Also, our Flex Arm massage allows you freely move your arms while you receive its massage. 
The Heat
To relax those sore muscles and loose up those stiff joints, The Heat brings relief to your soles and lower back. It’s especially great during the winter and after a long day. 

Music Player
The Heat lets you block out the daily annoyances and mellow out with a built-in MP3 player while you kick back. The Heat comes with high-quality head phones, USB memory stick and secondary remote control to manage your music selection. 
Calf and foot massage
After a long day at work or a good work-out, nothing is better than receiving a lower body massage to promote blood circulation and eliminate fatigue. The Heat allows you to choose from 4 different levels of intensity to find the right pressure for you. And, of course, feel the heat on your feet! 
Footrest Flattens Out
While many chairs in the market are not suitable for taller users, The Heat footrest completely flattens out, enabling you to fully layout your legs and get comfortable. The footrest extension enables those who are above 5 feet 10 inches to fully enjoy their massage without cramping their legs. 
Video Full Display (VFD) Remote Control
The VFD control panel enables users to easily and quickly select the perfect massage experience. Users can engage in automatic massage programs (Refresh, Relax, Extent and Recovery) with various massage types and intensities, or can customize massage types, intensities and body areas with the press of a few buttons.
For your convenience, a second, smaller remote control is included to control your music play and your recline level. 
Captain Chair
The Heat is not only a great massage chair, it makes for an excellent Captain chair for your home game room or living room. With a seat width of 24 inches and backrest height of 38 inches, Zen Awakening will be everybody's favorite. Lay back and get comfortable The Heat leans back 170 degrees. 
Power, Electrical & Warranty
The Heat has been certified by CE and ISO 9001. It works on any 110 V outlet, and draws 220 Watts. The Heat contains 5 motors and an air compression motor to provide you with maximum coverage and flexibility. With any of our massage chairs, you’ll receive 5 years limited-warranty on the massage wheel mechanism and on the entire chair for electrical or mechanical components (electronics, CPU board and motors).


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