Rendezvous LS

Rendezvous LS

Deep, unobstructed seating for eight

Manufacturer: Nordic

  Deep, unobstructed seating for eight, this spacious, patented, diamond-shaped spa can help you create special times with the entire family. Or dissolve your stress with this tub and create your own hydrotherapy center in your backyard.

  Nordic's Rendezvous LS™ provides the perfect place to gather friends and family for fun and relaxation.

  In our patented diamond shape spa, you have deep, unobstructed seating for eight.

  This spacious spa creates special times for your entire family or intimate moments with that special someone.

  Give loved ones the gift of tranquility, melting tensions with Nordic's exclusive dual-therapy system (DTS™), offering not only traditional jets, but also gentler, whole-body whirlpool therapy.

  Most spas offer only a single type of hydrotherapy — jets that target specific body zones. Nordic's creations offer targeted therapy with unique configurations of powerful jets, but also offer whole-body whirlpool therapy to more gently massage not only the back of the body, but also the front. Because of Nordic's high-flow turbo jets and barrier-free seating, your body can be surrounded by swirling water that soothes muscles and joints.

Lush elegance. Effervescent leisure. The Nordic Rendezvous LS.

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  Tulsa: (918) 835-1166
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  • Seating 8 persons
    Dimensions 84 in. x 96 in. (213.4 cm x 243.8 cm)
    36 in. (91.4 cm)
    84 in. (213.4 cm)
    96 in (243.8 cm)
    Weight (dry) Approx. 625 lbs. (283.5 kg)
    Capacity Approx. 500 gal. (1703.4 L)
    Total Jet Package 49
    Turbo / Whirlpool Jets 2
    Foot / Leg Jets 2
    Ozonator Ready Jets 2
    Heater 4 kw on 220v
    Drain System Yes
    Air Controls 8
    Control Pad Solid State Programmable
    Insulation Standard 2 lbs
    Filter (2) EZ Top Load
    Light Northern Lighting Package Standard
    Volts 240 V
    Amps 50 amps
    Equipment Access Yes
    Pumps (2 Speed) 2 (1.5 hp)
    Stereo System Optional Upgrade
    Waterfalls 1


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