4-5 Person Infrared Sauna with Ceramic Heater

4-5 Person Infrared Sauna with Ceramic Heater

Manufacturer: Zen Awakening

  • Solid Canadian Hemlock cabinet
  • Available in ceramic heater
  • Emits 2300 Watts for quick and effeicient heating
  • Digital control display panel with timer (dual-side)
  • Heats up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit; requires much less heat than traditional sauna
  • Convenient copper-latch construction; assembles in less than 45 minutes
  • Digital CD / AM / FM Player with 2 stereo speakers
  • Dimensions: 70” W X 48” D X 76” H
  • Weight: 416 lbs.
  • Includes Cup-holder, towel rack and interior lighting
  • 2 air vents for fresh air circulation
  • CE, CETL and IS09001 approved and certifi ed
  • 110 / 120 Volts, 20 amps
  • Warranty: 5 yrs.parts sauna system and cabinet; 1 year stereo


Infrared heat penetrates the skin 2” deep, producing 2 – 3 times more perspiration. Infrared provides several benefits over steam, including clearing cellulite, improving skin complexion and texture, relieving pain and stiffness of arthritis, reducing muscle fatigue from exercise, increasing your blood circulation burning a higher rate of calories.
Low Optimum Temperature Setting
Our infrared saunas heat the body instead of heating the room, enabling you to receive therapeutic benefits at much lower temperatures. Our infrared units work optimally at 120° - 140° while steam saunas work optimally between 180° and 200°. Those who feel uncomfortable in high heat and strong steam will enjoy the lower temperature setting in our infrared units.
Carbon Fiber Heaters
Zen Awakening's carbon fiber technology is the most
Our unique patented ceramic heaters provide more      efficient heating and do not corrode, unlike metal-based heaters. Each sauna reaches up to 140° Fahrenheit.    Ceramic heaters protect the heating element and can save you up to 50% in electrical bills.
Our heating elements are placed all over the sauna to   ensure uniform temperature distribution.
Our Zen Awakening saunas are constructed entirely of Canadian hemlock, an attractive, even grained wood. There is no particle board or veneer. Resistant to decay, hemlock contains natural strength and durability and is used widely in construction. The natural wood pythoncidere fragrance relieves stress, eliminates bacteria, and purifies the air of pollutants, and is found to be beneficial for individuals with allergies. Hemlock is an ideal wood for sauna use, it does not get too hot to touch even when the sauna temperature rises, and creates an atmosphere of tranquility with its natural fragrance.
Control Panel
Our infrared units feature dual-sided digital control panels, so you can pre-set your sauna before use and then adjust it to your convenience during usage. Our lava-rock unit features manual pre-set timer and temperature control setting on the heater and external on / off switch.
To help clear your mind, our infrared units offer CD player with Stereo and 2 internal speakers for clear sound. Additionally, each unit comes with cup-holders, magazine and towel rack, halogen lighting and air circulation vents. And, for complete tranquility, each sauna is equipped with an aromatherapy kit.
Easy assembly & Sturdy Construction
Zen Awakening infrared saunas are made as kits, making it easy for you to assemble and disassemble for long-lasting use. We use tongue and groove construction for sturdiness, reinforced with our copper-latching locking system. Our units can be assembled in little as 30 minutes. All of our heaters are pre-assembled in the cabinet. All you have to do is connect the 4 walls onto the base and cover it with the roof. Some minimal interior assembly is required (i.e. benches, Stereo player).
Your safety is most important! Our 4 – 4 carbon fiber infrared sauna is CE, ISO9001, ETL and C-ETL approved. You can easily plug it into any 110 V outlet, 15 amp plug. With 2400 Watts of power, you will get uniform heat to produce perspiration. These certifications mean that our sauna components have tested in laboratories and been approved by the premier international regulatory organizations.


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